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The Wonders of Chug X

and other cool mosh-y things

chug x
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We are Hashomer
Hashomer Hatzair
We don't smoke or drink any beer
we love candy, we love ice cream cones
we love bananas because they have no bones

We are Hashomer
We're reckless and we're cruel
We hate our folks and we drop out of school
We're fanatical as we can be
in fact there is no other as fanatical as we

We are Hashomer
We live for an ideal
What we don't have, we'll go right out and steal
We'll steal anything that you can name
And when we're caught we'll tell the judge society's to blame!

We are Hashomer
We're sadists and we're freaks
None of us has showered in a week
We're the best youth movement that there is
And in the woods is where we like to whiz!

This livejournal is meant as a means of communication by members of the youth movement Hashomer Hatzair, who attend camp and enjoy an elective called Chug X.

First, about our youth movement: We are a socialist Zionist movement. The main values of this movement are socialism, Zionism, and self-realization. Amongst other things, this movement runs camps in different places. We go to the one in Liberty, New York. There are other Hashomer camps in other countries.

Camp Shomria is extremely unique. It is run in the style of a kibbutz, (a democratic socialist community) and all of the campers participate in the maintenance of the camp. We are also the only secular Jewish camp left in all of the United States. Besides this, and arguably more importantly, Camp Shomria is an amazing place to be. It provides a supportive, fun, and intellectual environment. Peer to peer education and youth leadership are essential to the way our camp and movement function. Most people who go never want to leave.

This brings us to what exactly Chug X is. Literally, it means Club X in Hebrew. During our daily schedule at camp there is a time set aside for electives. One of the activities offered is Chug X. During this time we get together and discuss many topics, from the meaning of life to movies, and everything in between. Because we miss being able to talk about random nonsense, over intellectualize, and hear bad dead baby jokes, we created this lj.

If you are interested in Camp Shomria please visit its website at http://www.shomria.org